Wellington Pool Screen Enclosure Installation and Repairs


Swimming pools offer a break from the heat, add pleasure, and increase your quality of living. Therefore, protecting your pool is crucial to its longevity and even, reduces its cleaning & maintenance costs. Pool enclosure offers protection not just for your pool but also the people enjoying it. In addition to protecting your investment, Pool Screen Enclosures add resale value to your house at a reasonable price.

At Wellington Pool Screen Enclosure Installation and Repairs, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality pool screen enclosures installation and repair service. With years of experience, our highly trained and friendly professionals are expert in delivering quality outcomes. Offering Aluminum Screen Enclosure is our specialty because not all pool enclosure companies stand unique by their work as we do with our warranty service that provides added protection for years to come.

Consult with one of our experts to explore several reasons why adding screen enclosures are right for you. Being the leading pool enclosure company, we are always ready to serve you with the best Patio Screen Enclosures in the area. Hurry up to transform your home into a cozy, exquisite, and secure outdoor lounge with our quality screen enclosures. We tend to grant practical and lovely screen enclosure installation and repair in South Florida – best suitable for your Sunrooms, balcony, spa, patio, and Glass Rooms as well.



Effective Screen Enclosure Installation & Repairs:

If you want to surround yourself with picturesque landscape protected from UV rays, keep your pool clean against debris and dust, or just want to relax peacefully in your backyard with no worries about uninvited guests, you can obviously make the best use of your property with our Aluminum Roofs. Crafted with added protection and impeccable style, these structures let you benefit from an alfresco environment with no risks of birds, falling leaves, and mosquitoes.

 From the pool, porch enclosures to Lattices, luxury and comfort await you with our quality screen enclosures. Our professional team dedicated to working with you while building custom Commercial Screen Enclosures as per your budget and preferences. Be it involves re-screening services or screen enclosure repair, you could expect our honest, prompt, and reliable services that deliver the finest outcomes, which worth your investment. Here is the list of our wide range of services:

  • Complete enclosure re-screening
  • Patio door repairs
  • Repair Screen Enclosures
  • Home window screen replacement
  • Cleaning and debris removal screen roof
  • Vinyl & glass custom paint jobs
  • Glass & specialty projects
  • Screen enclosure renovations and painting
  • Pressure washing & cleaning
  • Install Pet Screens


Screen Room Installation:

We provide a full-service option to customers for their screen rooms, as we custom design every room with property size and family size in mind. We finish everything ranging from concrete pouring to repair works that need after years. We provide both insulated as well as non-insulated Solariums that take one or two days to install but provide you a covered area for sitting at the time of day heat or cool night. The purpose of the insulated screen is to stay cooler during hot summer yet is quieter during rainy days. Nevertheless, the non-insulated room would be more cost-effective when it comes to large sizes because the customer has several to choose from including the color, door orientation, size of metal trim, and door placement. We specifically design each room for our customers without extra charge.



Screen Inserts & Entryways:

This would be the best option for people who already possess a roof, yet need Roll-Down Screen to stay from the bugs. We do archways, brick, and notched posts. Regardless of the intricacy of your project, we set prices just based upon the square footage. This simply means that you can avail your desired custom job without paying custom prices. You still receive all the same options including color and door placement. The only thing you need to do is, just save a little, as you do not need to install the Pergolas.



Pool Enclosure Gutter:

Most customers come to approach us for some types of modifications required by their existing pool gutter. We offer three scenarios among which this seems to be essential:


Whether your gutter is leaking – Most pool enclosure companies may give up quality for quantity. Without paying attention to the fine details, they just try to obtain as many enclosures as possible they can. In the case of the gutter, we may get certain issues in the future if they fail to place the gutter splices properly. Here is where our services come in. We can able to fix the pitch, repair the leaks, and replace the gutter without major modifications.



Is your gutter too small – Just like the previous situation, what enclosure companies do is just install the smallest size of the gutter in order to save their money, as they don’t mind the customer, issues with water billowing and down the road. In these situations, we can detach your enclosure and replace it with the larger gutter.



Do you need a new roof – It is really shaming to obtain new roofing and drip edge around the house by foregoing the area just because of the roofing company that cannot remove the gutter. Here, we can come to detach your enclosure and take away the gutter so that your new drip edge could go up against your home. That is why most customers choose a new gutter or a larger gutter to fix their old issues with overflowing gutters or leaking splices.


Screen Repair:

We can replace all the screens of Outdoor Enclosures within a day. Therefore, you do not need to leave your enclosure open for critters in order to make a new home. We are not just quick, professional, and affordable, but we also guarantee all our repairs. You do not have to bother about the poor installation and storms. Our assurance is here to provide you peace of mind after completing the installation.



Window Screens:

Are your window screens not in an excellent way? Never worry, as we can fix it. Yes, we can custom each Phifer Screen according to your particular window to assure an ideal fit. We are quick and easy. So, opt for a free estimate and let us come and visit your windows to measure them. You will get your Lanai Conversions delivered two days later.



Why select us for your Spa & Hot Tub Screen Enclosure

In this field, many individuals are just using well-questionable practices. However, we provide you with a different sort of business. Operating from the base of ethical business, we let you find yourself working with someone who would be professional, prompt, and even, provide you options.

No sub-contractors: The best aspect that makes us stand unique is the absence of sub-contractors since all our employees are on the payroll. Hence, your house is never shown up to anyone who is from other companies. Subcontracting is muck like an auction that we eliminate it because we let you know that you are getting us while you are choosing us.


Insurance: Moreover, all our employees covered by liability insurance and worker’s comp. In order to provide you a peace of mind, we email you regarding your estimates together with a copy of our worker’s comp, license, and insurance. This is essential, as most of our competitors may give up the significant license that can lead to an issue for you.

Assurance: We also have a considerable warranty period under which each of our installations covered. We do so because it is really the worst feeling to get Carports & Awnings and lament it months later due to poor quality or functionality. We would like to assure that you would be happy if you are paying for something that we guarantee. After the installation, we stand behind our craftsmanship and ensure you that you would not apologize for your purchase.

Enjoy your swimming pool without chemicals and debris. Open the doors and expand your pool area where families and parties gather without worrying about mosquitoes. Mae a beautiful addition to your property with your own custom design and equip it to the delight of your heart. In case you are looking for professionalism, peace of mind, and quality, then do not hesitate to receive our free estimates related to Patio Covers. We assure that you would not regret our



Corso Premium Screen Enclosure since our reviews and testimonials can attest to it.



How Could We Help You With Your Property Needs?

Screen Rooms: Increase the value of your property by adding beautifully living space

Made of aluminum extrusions, which meet Florida building codes, we offer Roll-Down Screen for you and your family to obtain an outdoor enjoyment without worrying about inclement weather or the annoyance of insects. Let our professional staff help you designate and construct the ideal Phifer Screen to your home.




Aluminum Roofs: Either select from an insulated elite or pan roof to transform your outdoor lounge into a shaded area

Adding an Aluminum Screen Enclosure will make your outdoor area a great addition to your house and provides you with an economical approach to maximize your recreational space. You can leave the area open or screened-in as per your choice. Our Outdoor Enclosures feature pre-finished and fully insulated panels, which could be wired for exterior lights or ceiling fans. We provide several design options to homeowners to build their roof with the unparalleled workmanship and quality products.



Carports & Awnings: We engineer carport covers according to the recent building codes of Florida

Engineered to the Florida building codes, we customize Patio Covers to give homeowners an attractive solution to protection and coverage. Featuring attractive styling and design, our carport covers do not need maintenance, as these are set to include downspouts, gutters, and exterior lightings. Hurry up and call us to speak with our technician who can help you design Sunrooms that best meet your requirements.



Soffit & Fascia: Perfect upkeep is crucial to prevent maintenance issues

The purpose of Soffit & Fascia is not just improving the aesthetic appearance of your home but also serving to safeguard its exterior from pests and water. We provide soffits & Fascia in a range of materials providing durability and easy maintenance. Our Solariums are available in a wood or smooth grain finish together with trim products in order to complement the architecture and style of your home. You can also replace your aged drywall ceiling with a superior vinyl, non-vented ceiling.

Gutter Access Doors: Designated with comfort in mind, these doors offer an ideal solution to roof and gutter maintenance.

You will get an access door installed within your Spa & Hot Tub Screen Enclosure, which will simplify your entry to the roof and gutters. Every unit would feature a rust-free hardware, and a rugged extruded aluminum frame, which is custom-fit to your roof panels.



Installation of Pet Doors: We are proud to Install Pet Screens to our customers

These pet doors come in a range of sizes with two color options – White and Bronze. We make these pet doors using extruded aluminum that furnishes with a frame including a locking cover track on both sides of the wall. Give below are some of the features of our pet doors:

  • Assured guarantee
  • Rigid hardboard panels for security
  • Durable rubber flap equipped with magnets for eliminating drafts

Here, the flap refers to a heavy black rubber, which is preciously durable. They would also have some permanent magnets for keeping flap closed that eliminates dust or drafts.


Door-Door hardware installation: We provide a variety of custom and handcrafted screen doors

We tend to present a complete spectrum of stylish screen entry doors for screened-in

Pergolas and for the front of your home that ranges from simple design to sophisticated. Different styles and colors would make it hassle-free to find a design that can improve any architectural style. Together with installing new doors, we could also offer service to Repair Screen Enclosures to fix it.



How we classify our pool enclosures: Materials & Design


  • Pool enclosures are either a portable or a permanent structure. When it comes to outdoors, pool enclosure typically contains an inflatable bubble Lattices or a greenhouse type of structure
  • Indoor pool enclosures made of wood, metal, or vinyl. Each material has its own merits and demerits depending upon the price and durability
  • We use glass or Plexiglas to signify a four season pool, whereas a seasonal pool enclosure may be screened in for warmer climates




  • Both in-ground and aboveground pool enclosures are present
  • We let you select from pool enclosures with retractable roofs and those with non-retractable roofs
  • Our enclosure roofs are flat or also having a more ornamental design like a gable hip, mansard or peak
  • Permanent pool enclosures are available as a standalone unit or even attached to the building
  • We design basic enclosures to cover a bit more than just the pool itself, while an elaborate structure will encompass a large area enough for the patio
  • Together with electrical wiring, we offer HVAC to pool houses for cooling and heating purposes



Several Reasons To Install Our Lanai Conversions

No matter what kind of screen enclosures & lanais you install, they would offer you a number of advantages including the following:

  • Safety – Prevent the unfortunate pool incidents involving children and pets by controlling what and who has access to the pool region. An alarm system enhances the safety.
  • Convenience – As a step-up from the pool cover, pool enclosure does not let swimming while it is in use. Likewise, retractable or telescopic pool enclosures enable you to change the sunlight entering so that you can accordingly benefit from a cooler or warmer climate based on your needs and mood.
  • Thermal efficiency – The use of a glass pool enclosure is to magnify and trap the sun’s heat that lets your pool warm up quickly and stay warmer beyond the warmest months.
  • Leaves – Prevent leaves and other debris from entering your pool
  • Bug & insect detraction – The pool enclosures can modify the way you benefit from your property and pool without the risks of pesky insects and bugs
  • Value: Pool enclosures are doubtlessly a great place to entertain your guests. It would also increase the resale value of your home if you decide to sell it


Why you opt for Wellington Pool Screen Enclosure Installation and Repairs for your Commercial Screen Enclosures

  • Impeccable reputation:

At Wellington Pool Screen Enclosure Installation and Repairs, we earned an impeccable reputation for repairing pool screen enclosures. Since our inception, we repair screens at several hundreds of homes. We are proud of not just doing high-quality professional work but also for our unrivaled customer service, which you can find nowhere.

  • Necessity Vs Luxury:

If you relocate from the North recently, we warmly welcome you first and then, educate you the way screens integrate into your everyday life, which would be more of a necessity rather than a luxury. Corso Premium Screen Enclosure will be a part of our routine as much as spraying and get the grass cut for pests.

  • Our prices can fit any budget:

During tough financial times, money is quite tight. For this reason, we kept our services at an economical price. Even the smallest budget individuals can afford the prices that we set for repairing screen enclosures. We hope that you always choose us for each of your screen repair needs.

At Wellington Pool Screen Enclosure Installation and Repairs, we are providing exceptional screening and aluminum services, which will help you in enhancing your property. We are dedicated to offering exceptional service through our experience, professionalism, and competence. In case you are in the need of professional aluminum or re-screening services at a reasonable price, feel free to contact us today because our trained professionals are always ready to design a plan of action, which best suits your unique requirements. If you are ready to improve the worth of your property or just to renovate its appearance, call us or contact us online for learning more regarding our services.